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FLARE began as an acoustic trap piece I wrote for a dace program at Juilliard called "Choreographers and Composers". The original title was "It's a Trap!", which I thought was hilarious, but the choreographer (Ellexis Hatch) HATED it. Much like a rat defending its trash, I agreed to change the tile only as long as Ellexis could come up with a better one. After rejecting many failed suggestions, she called me up one night and said only one word "FLARE" and she dramatically hung up the phone. After that, my imagination went into overdrive and began dreaming about what this song could become. 


My mind went immediately to Swell Mclovin, who I know because he's a security guard at Juilliard and would also me greet me by saying "send beats!". I finally had a project for him. I quickly took the best part of the piece I had done at Juilliard, made it the hook for this song. and called my friend Trisano to craft a really fire track!

Swell Mclovin.jpeg

Next member of this heist was MICTLART, who I discovered thanks a friend's recommendation. He does the most amazing Mexican-inspired graphic designing I have ever seen! As soon as I came across his instagram, I proclaimed "c'est moi! c'est moi!", so I did everything I could to contact and get to work with him. What followed has one of my favorite collaborations so far!

Boceto 1.jpg
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