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Where does it all come from?

Thank you for coming all this way!


This is the section where you can really get to know me and my music. just as Tyrion Lannister said at the end of Game of Thrones I am well aware that a good story is the most powerful force of all. I personally find myself loving my favorite pieces of music much more whenever I learn new things about them. There many little details and anecdotes buried within each piece that I have written and this is the perfect medium for me to share them with you.

I hope that these little insights allow you to appreciate my music more and help you realize that, at the end of the day, music and art do not exist in a vacuum. Composing is but a spicy remix of everything we see!

List of stories by composition


Jacarandas en el Suelo

Montuno for Six

Prelude & Bossa Nova Nº2 "Alla Chitarra"


Bossa Nova for Flute & Guitar

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