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Within the rich and dynamic tapestry of contemporary Latin music, Horacio Fernández emerges as an illustrious visionary hailing from Mexico, weaving together melodies as a composer and producer. Defying the confines of genre and style, he demonstrates his prowess by crafting incendiary Latin Trap anthems like "FLARE" and embracing the tranquil embrace of orchestral ballads, exemplified by his latest release "Rebeldes" – a dulcet bolero that evokes both the grandeur of the American Songbook and the timeless allure of Mexican romantic classics.


Fernández's imprint on the classical music realm is truly groundbreaking. His compositions, such as the mesmerizing orchestral suite "Tumbao" and the captivating "Cumbia Concerto," which marked his inaugural foray into the concerto landscape, have been masterfully interpreted by an array of luminaries. Zlatomir Fung, the Juilliard Orchestra, Tengku Irfan, Tony Glausi, Mar Vilaseca, Kevin Zhu, Bryan Davis, David Allan Miller, The Albany Symphony, the Oregon Symphony, William Leathers, and Lucia Gutierrez, among a host of other virtuosos, have all eloquently conveyed the intricate brilliance of his works. By seamlessly interweaving the rhythms of Latin American dance music into his orchestral compositions, Fernández has ingeniously etched a distinctive niche within the global musical panorama.


Though native to Puebla, Mexico, Fernández embarked on a transformative journey when he relocated to New York in 2018 to immerse himself in the profound tutelage of the Juilliard School. Here, he delved deeper into the intricate tapestry of the music industry, honing his craft and engaging in synergistic collaborations with burgeoning talents from the realms of Jazz, Classical, and urban music.


Discover Horacio Fernández's melodic tapestries on all leading streaming platforms, accompanied by visually captivating music videos. For those seeking a tangible connection to his artistic vision, a vibrant array of merchandise and sheet music awaits discovery on his official website:

You can access a more detailed account of my professional and academic merits by looking at my "professional bio". However, if you are more interested in an intimate description of the meaningful life events that made me fall in love music and decide to dedicate my life to art, please take a look at my "personal bio".

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