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Artist Bio

Horacio Fernández is a classical composer by day and a Latin music producer by night. He recently graduated from the Juilliard School, holding both a master’s and bachelor’s degree. As a modern artist, he blends his music with the rich sounds, visuals, and narratives of urban culture in Latin America, particularly those of Mexico, his home country. He enlarges this fusion with the formal experience acquired through years in academia. Proficient in writing for solo instruments and large orchestras, Horacio also excels in crafting relatable lyrics for pop songs, creating captivating beats for rappers, and composing music for film.

His most recent commissions and residencies include music for the Albany Symphony, American Composer’s Orchestra, the little Orchestra Society, the New Juilliard Ensemble, the Chelsea Symphony, the Empire Youth Orchestra and Dogs of Desire. His music has been performed and recorded by leading artists and ensembles such as the Oregon Symphony, The Juilliard Orchestra, Zlatomir Fung, Tony Glausi, Mathew Whitaker among many others. He has won prestigious awards such as the Arturo Márquez Competition, the International Songwriting Competition (three times), the James Galway Festival Composer Competition and The Juilliard Composer’s Competition. His work as a music video director has been featured in international film festivals such as the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival and El Ojo Iluso in Venezuela.  


He has also been a recipient of fellowships and grants that have allowed him to fund his entrepreneurial pursuits such as Mexico’s Culture Secretariat, National Sawdust’s Blueprint Fellowship, and Juilliard’s entrepreneurship organization known as the Marks Center on multiple occasions. His teachers and mentors include Melinda Wagner, Robert Beaser, Alan Belkin, Gonzalo Macías and Arturo Márquez.

His music is catchy, accessible and with a distinguished Latin flare, which has connected and delighted audiences around the world. His audience includes over 9,000 subscribers on YouTube, thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify and several top fans who buy his merch and sheet music through his website and eagerly await his next move.

Prior to 2018, he studied at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla and the Lyon Conservatory, in France. His mentors have included Melinda Wagner, Robert Beaser, Alan Belkin, Gonzalo Macías and Arturo Márquez.

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